New Ownership Announcement


"The EIS team was very responsive during the entire time we all worked together. The results in savings, carbon footprint reduction, increased electrical capacity, and power quality improvement have been outstanding. The entire team here in Georgia has been very pleased with this entire project. We are also very happy to see C.R. Bard moving ahead with EIS." - Jason Pertoso, Plant Manager, C.R. Bard

"Thank you all again for a very successful installation…we were able to complete many EIS critical path items very quickly. The planning was very thorough, and the execution was flawless…Everyone did a great job." - Robert Dyrda, Plant Engineer, Mondelez International

"Good to see you are still helping us, and others, improve." - Steve Patterson, Plant Manager, GE - Roper

"We are all very happy with the results of the EIS project here at our Newark, NJ facility. EIS has done everything they promised, and more. The energy savings is being met and surpassed, and the power quality throughout the distribution system has been improved. We are also quite pleased with the reduced impact of our carbon footprint." - Ed Swaszek, Senior Project Engineer, Firmenich

"We wanted to reduce our electrical energy costs, which have been steadily rising over the past several years. Additionally, we wanted to reduce the run times of our air circulating system, which we knew we could do with this project. The EIS system has been so successful that we have decided to move forward with other buildings we own and know that we will achieve similar savings and electrical efficiency results there as well." - Brad Jones, Nashville House Director of Building Management

"I am so satisfied with the results of the EIS system in my Wolfchase dealership that I recommended it to my brother Bill for his car dealership in Texas." - Jack Auffenberg, Owner, Wolfchase Chrysler | Dodge | Jeep

"The energy savings achieved as a result of doing this project was a top priority. Just as important, from an engineering point of view is the fact that the motor temperature was reduced, which reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of the motors as well. Mitigating power quality issues also helped in the same areas. The project was very successful." - Hu Richardson, P.E., Holladay Properties

"Finding ways, such as this project with EIS, to improve our operations and lower our costs will help us continue serving our ever-growing student population, and that's good for everyone connected with Trevecca Nazarene University." - Dr. Dan Boone, President, Trevecca Nazarene University