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Freeman Webb Nashville House

Energy Savings Case Study

Freeman Webb Nashville House
Subject Information
Facility: Nashville House
Facility Type: Office Building
Facility Size: 150,000 sq. ft.
K&N Office Limited Partnership owns and manages commercial office buildings and apartments throughout the United States including The Nashville House - a 150,000 sq. ft. office complex consisting of 5 buildings, 4 stories each in Nashville, TN. They wanted to lower their energy usage without making load changes or interfering with the daily operations of their facilities and hired EIS to create an engineering design to see how much savings could be achieved within the goal of 36 month payback period. Pleased with the projected savings and a guarantee underwritten by Lloyds of London, the Nashville House then hired EIS to complete the installation, which took 45 working days.
Savings Analysis
  Projected Actual
Monthly Savings 21.5% 22.3%
Payback Period 32 months 31 months
Technology Used EISLiner, VFD, Lighting Upgrades, TVSS
Cost by Load Group
Lighting 23.00%
A/C 43.30%
Refrig 1.20%
Equipment 19.60%
Resistive 12.90%
Savings by Load Group
Lighting 2.70%
A/C 7.79%
Refrig 0.00%
Equipment 11.01%
Resistive 0.00%
Annual Environmental Benefits
  • 1,191,918 lbs CO2
  • 442 barrels of oil
  • 335 tons of coal
  • 8,974 lbs of SO2
  • Equivalent to removing 99 vehicles
Additional Benefits
  • Motors run cooler
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Standardized lighting in the entire building
  • No special training or employee involvement
  • 2012 Freeman Webb Award for Energy Efficiency