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Firmenich - Newark, New Jersey

Energy Savings Case Study

Firmenich - Newark, New Jersey
Subject Information
Facility: Firmenich - Newark, NJ
Facility Type: Manufacturing
Facility Size: 833,000 sq. ft.
Firmenich is an ingredient food and fragrance chemical company based in Geneva, Switzerland, with plants located around the world. Firmenich employs over 6,000 people and has annual sales of over 3 billion dollars. Understanding the need to reduce their energy costs, while also increasing their electrical efficiency standards, drove them to undertake an energy efficiency project with Energy Automation Systems at their Newark, New Jersey Ingredients facility. It was important for them to do this without any major interruptions to their daily manufacturing operations.
Savings Analysis
  Projected Actual
Monthly Savings 10% 13%
Payback Period 29.5 months 20.7 months
Technology Used EISLiners, PowerLiners, Lighting Upgrades
Cost by Load Group
Lighting 4.05%
A/C 3.25%
Refrig 13.02%
Equipment 68.06%
Resistive 11.62%
Savings by Load Group
Lighting 1.40%
A/C 0.44%
Refrig 1.70%
Equipment 6.46%
Resistive 0.00%
Annual Environmental Benefits
  • 1,648,240 lbs CO2
  • 614 barrels of oil
  • 465 tons of coal
  • 12,455 lbs of SO2
  • Equivalent to removing 156 vehicles
Additional Benefits
  • Motors run cooler
  • Improved lighting quality
  • Standardized lighting in the entire facility
  • No special training or employee involvement
  • Increased electrical capacity