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Wolfchase Chrysler | Dodge | Jeep

Energy Savings Case Study

Wolfchase Chrysler | Dodge | Jeep
Subject Information
Facility: Wolfchase Chrysler | Dodge | Jeep
Facility Type: Automobile Dealership
Wolfchase Chrysler | Dodge | Jeep is an automobile dealership that sells new and used cars, and also has a full service and parts department. Looking to reduce their energy cost, they were referred to EIS to help them with this task. A team from EIS performed an engineering survey that captured and measures their electrical loads. A system was designed to get the maximum energy savings in their facility. The installation was completed in May 2012.
Savings Analysis
  Projected Actual
Monthly Savings 22.33% 23.0%
Payback Period 42 months 39.6 months
Technology Used EISLiners, FrigiTech, Lighting Upgrades
Cost by Load Group
Lighting 68.60%
A/C 24.90%
Refrig 0.00%
Equipment 4.90%
Resistive 1.60%
Savings by Load Group
Lighting 17.02%
A/C 5.31%
Refrig 0.00%
Equipment 0.00%
Resistive 0.00%
Annual Environmental Benefits
  • 358,484 lbs CO2
  • 133 barrels of oil
  • 101 tons of coal
  • 2699 lbs of SO2
  • Equivalent to removing 30 vehicles
Additional Benefits
  • Motors run cooler
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Standardized lighting in the entire building
  • No special training or employee involvement